Yearly Archives: 2003

The Perl Language by Larry Wall

“Perl is the duct tape of the Internet.“ This expressive, multi-platform, open-source, (FREE!) programming language has framed my professional life for the past ten years. The Camel Book is essential reading for anyone interested in Perl. See also Larry Wall‘s essay on Natural Language Principles in Perl. Larry Wall Quotations…

Intellectual Property on the Net by Esther Dyson

This Wired Magazine article by Esther Dyson blew me away back in 1995… “The only unfungible, unreplicable value will be people’s presence, time and attention; in order to sell that presence, time and attention outside their own community, creators will have to give away content for free.” Looking back, her prediction has largely come true! […]

As We May Think by Vannevar Bush

Published in 1945, this visionary essay by Vannevar Bush anticipated computers, fiberoptics, databases, and hypertext! Amongst other things, he proposed a device called the Memex that would use optical storage to make vast amounts of information available in a searchable, cross-linked format. (Remind you of anything in today’s world?!) “Presumably man’s spirit should be elevated […]

The Complete Physical – Curbside Consultation

My invited commentary on the physical exam and its place in modern medicine. The physician must be prepared to play the roles of screener, coach, and counselor. This old Basic Clinical Skills site has a series of physical exam checklists I developed during the 1990s that are still popular today.

Good Morning Doctor! by W. A. Rohlf, MD

My first Web publishing effort. A series of short chapters describing medicine in the late 1800s and early 1990s. Dr. Rohlf was my grandfather’s mentor and partner. He was known as “Uncle Bill” in my family, although he wasn’t a blood relation. Visit the site at!

Hypersearching the Web

This seminal 1999 paper foreshadowed the rise of Google, with “democratic” ranking of search results. “The underlying assumption of our approach views each link as an implicit endorsement of the location to which it points.”

Early Everglades Canoe Trips

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Introduction to Cryptography by Phil Zimmermann

From the man who brought us Pretty Good Privacy… “No data security system is impenetrable. …You have to ask yourself if the information you are trying to protect is more valuable to your attacker than the cost of the attack. This should lead you to protect yourself from the cheapest attacks, while not worrying about […]