Intellectual Property on the Net by Esther Dyson

This Wired Magazine article by Esther Dyson blew me away back in 1995…

“The only unfungible, unreplicable value will be people’s presence, time and attention; in order to sell that presence, time and attention outside their own community, creators will have to give away content for free.”

Looking back, her prediction has largely come true!

Here is Jakob Nielsen’s review of her book Release 2.0.

Esther Dyson Quotes…

As We May Think by Vannevar Bush

Published in 1945, this visionary essay by Vannevar Bush anticipated computers, fiberoptics, databases, and hypertext!

Amongst other things, he proposed a device called the Memex that would use optical storage to make vast amounts of information available in a searchable, cross-linked format. (Remind you of anything in today’s world?!)

“Presumably man’s spirit should be elevated if he can better review his shady past and analyze more completely and objectively his present problems…. His excursions may be more enjoyable if he can reacquire the privilege of forgetting the manifold things he does not need to have immediately at hand, with some assurance that he can find them again if they prove important.”