Visit to Wisconsin – Photos 2009

This was the view out my hotel window in downtown Madison! My brother Bruce came down for an evening and we toured the capital building. Discovered that the iPhone 3G has a pretty decent camera!

I drove back to Iowa through southwestern Wisconsin on a grey, rainy day. Fortunately there was already a bit of fall color! Took several flower and HDR photos. I’m particularly pleased with this one!

Iowa Roadside Flowers and HDR Scenes

Made a brief visit to Iowa over the week-end and took some new roadside flower photos, plus a few rural HDR scenes, including the historic Hurstville Lime Kilns near Maquoketa.

Most of these flower photos were taken along a 150 ft stretch of median where I-74 joins I-80 West. The sheer number of blooms was impressive! The mostly purple asters contrasted nicely with the intense yellow goldenrod.