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Tunnel of Trees HDR Study

   Gallery of HDR Variations on a Theme

The Amazing Talks of RSAnimate

I’ve been a big fan of the RSA Podcast for several years now. All of these talks are worth listening too, and many are true gems! The best have been rendered in the brilliant “animated whiteboard” style of CognitiveMediaUK. I finally figured out how to create a “channel” for them on YouTube. Here is a sample by Daniel […]

Rehabbing the Sauna – Brimson, MN

I recently made it back to my “homestead” in extreme Northern Minnesota to visit my friend Peter. One of our projects was to rehab the old sauna on our original property. It took us half a day to cut down trees, brush out the chimney, and clean up after the critters who had been using […]

Picture Rocks North and South

Here’s a nice parallel from man to nature and back again. The Incas worshiped mountains as deities. But directly visiting far away peaks was very difficult. So they used nearby rocks to stand in for the mountains. Here is one such “Picture Rock” from Machu Picchu… I recently took this photo of natural picture rocks […]

Plain-Tailed Wrens Sing a Duet

1.1 Mb Video Source: Science 334(6056):666-670 Wrens are one of my favorite bird families. Our local representative is the Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus) whose song resembles a pleasant car alarm [listen]. In a recent paper by Eric Fortune at al published in Science there are several recordings of Plain-Tailed Wrens (Pheugopedius euophrys) from South America singing […]

Why Daylight Saving Time Should Be Abolished

I ranted about this last March. Since then Scientific American has made Daylight Savings Time number one on their list of Human Creations the World Would Be Better Off Without. This week-end SA editor David Biello added his voice to the growing consensus that DST should be abolished. DST is an ill-conceived anachronism and a bumbling attempt at […]

A Video Script That Degrades Gracefully

A few years ago I was looking for a clean way to embed mp4 video into my blog. Prior to HTML5 the best approach was a Flash-based video player. Of course there is no Flash on iPhones and similar devices. Plus many people avoid Flash because of bugs and security concerns. So I modified this script […]

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip 2011

Just back from a challenging trip to the BWCA with my friend Ross.

Vieux Farka Touré Performance

September 11, 2011
Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN

Giant Storm on Saturn

The Cassini probe recently spotted a giant storm on Saturn that encircles the entire planet! You can see it moving past itself in the photo above. NASA has also collected some of the best images in a Hall of Fame that is well worth checking out.