Yearly Archives: 2013

[Expletive Deleted] Daylight Savings Time Again

Time for my biannual rant about DST. This time I’ll highlight the excellent essay Daylight Saving Time Is Terrible by Allison Schrager from The Atlantic. Her scheme basically collapses the four US time zones into two, with NO adjustment for Daylight Saving. (Yea!) For me the the spring change is worse. It takes me more than a […]

Galapagos Islands 2013

We recently visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. After many hours of editing the first complete Gallery of Photos is ready. I will add to this post periodically. Here is my overview of selected highlights… We arrived about noon and proceeded to nearby Black Turtle Bay where we saw Sea Turtles, Sharks, and Golden Rays […]

Epitaph of Edward Carter, Died 1742, Boston

Farewell Vain World I have Enough of [thee] and now I’m Careless what thou Say’st of me. What Fault thou See’st in me Take Care to Shun. There’s worke within thy Self That Should be Done. Thy Smiles I Court not, nor thy Frowns I fear. My Cares are past, my head lies quiet here. […]

Cellon Live Oak, Pitcher Plants and More!

Based on the splendid book Exploring Florida’s Botanical Wonders by Sandra Friend I set out this week-end in pursuit of Pitcher Plants and other botanical curiosities. [gallery] My first stop was the Cellon Live Oak in northern Alachua County. I was standing almost under the tree when I took this HDR shot. Notice the moss near the […]

They Stole My Morning… Again! (DST Rant)

Daylight Saving Time has to be one of the dumbest social conventions of all time! It’s just a bad idea that should be abolished!! DST doesn’t save energy, negatively impacts the health of millions, and robs me of an extra hour of daylight every morning! I thought I’d review some recent evidence here. I’ve added emphasis to […]

Lumix TS4 Waterproof Camera Review

Review I recently purchased this waterproof camera to take along on my kayak trip to the Everglades. It cost just under $300 online. The results so far are impressive, especially the high-res video. After a month I’ve become pretty familiar with its basic functions, but the PDF-only manual is thick and there are lots of […]

Everglades (Sail) Kayak Trip 2013

Just back from the Everglades with highlights too numerous to relate them all here. For a start I think we’ve hit on the perfect mode of transportation—pedal kayaks with sails! The only downside compared with a canoe is getting on/off the chickees. In every other respect they were superior to canoes and even other types […]