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Everglades Kayak Trip December 2015

Took a short trip, first ever in December. No winter yet, temp in the 80s and therefore lots of bugs. <frown> Half this Photo Gallery is from a day trip on the upper Turner River, which was new territory for me… Our route was Halfway Creek to Crooked Creek Chickee to Watson Place to Jewel Key and out. We saw lots […]

Amelia Island & Fort Clinch State Park

Quick week-end CME trip to Amelia Island, several good bird photos… Also had time to visit Fort Clinch State Park…

Awesome Virtual Pluto Flyover!

Hint: This is HD, view full screen!

Cows in a Florida Field

On my way to work yesterday. Beautiful animals!

Gum Slough Kayak Trip

Nice little day trip off the Withlacoochee River near Inverness. Lots of recent downed trees midway. Lower portion nice, shady cypress swamp. Upper portion more open, nice trees, flowers, etc. I saw five Swallow-Tailed Kites lazily chasing each other. Took a swim in the head spring. There are actually several springs along the upper creek, big blue holes […]

Mississippi Kites are Back!

Same tree has last year! Amazing!! [Gallery] The second bird flew in and attempted to mate, then flew off… …the entire episode lasted only a few seconds.

Barred Owl Outside My Window

We frequently see and hear Barred Owls (Strix varia) in the trees around our house. Yesterday one decided to take a nap right outside my window! Video is pretty good considering I was shooting tangentially through window glass. [Gallery]

Daylight Saving Time – How Is This Still A Thing?

Great video from John Oliver on the topic of Daylight Saving Time… Bottom line for me: Pick a bloody time and stick with it!

Solo Everglades Kayak Trip 2015

My eighteenth trip and my first solo! I finally made my way around Cape Sable, and explored some new places along the way… [Gallery] I started out at Flamingo, where the marina is split in two by a dam. I put in on the north side and proceeded up the Buttonwood Canal to Coot Bay. From […]

Juvenile Bald Eagle Followed by a Rainbow – Busy Day on the Lake!

Looked out and there was a rather bedraggled juvenile Bald Eagle sitting in the rain on my dock. Molting into adult plumage must be the equivalent of a teenager with acne. Not fun… About and hour later the clouds parted and we were presented with this spectacular sky! The panorama above covers almost 180° and […]