Deception, Obfuscation & Misdirection


Most are familiar with the concept of FUD—short for Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt. It summarizes a strategy often used in marketing and political propaganda. Its effects are perniciousdivisive and lead to exploitation. Examples abound. Fear is a strong motivator!

To resist FUD one must understand how it is practiced using the principle tools Deception, Obfuscation and Misdirection. It is nearly impossible to find a three or four letter acronym these days, so I’ll start using the hashtag #misdirect for the DOM Meme. This comports with how the tag is already being used. Read the full essay…

[Note: #DOM is now a “hashflag” for the Dominican Republic.]

Dark Mornings Return – Stop DST!

fuel_pricesDaylight Saving Time is one of many anachronisms of modern life. Very similar to the nine-tenths of a penny added to gasoline prices in the US…

It turns out that the two have much in common. Both date back to the early 1900’s. Both were supposed to be temporary. Both have strong commercial constituancies that have helped them survive long after any societal benefit has waned (if there ever was one!).

This article in The Atlantic today is a good summary…

Daylight Saving Time is Wasteful, Unnecessary, And Even Dangerous!

As is the website and #StopDST hashtag.

Santa Fe River Afternoon

I was itching to go kayaking somewhere new, so I headed over to the Santa Fe River. There was a little park and boat launch near the highway 47 bridge. While getting ready to go I spotted what looked like green leaves stuck on the sides of two trees. They turned out to be Luna Moths, which I think were newly emerged. Beautiful! [Gallery]


I proceeded to peddle upstream against the current, which was pretty brisk at times. The shoreline got progressively more rocky with exposed limestone until I reached an actual rapids. It was all I could do to move against it. Once I passed it I stopped for a rest and then started my lazy float back downstream.


I stopped frequently to take pictures and explore a bit. The south side is conservation land and the north side is undeveloped. There were LOTS of cypress knees!


There is no one big obvious spring as far as I could tell, but several under and around the river. The possible exception was a small stream that formed a long skinny island not far from the bridge. The water there was much clearer (and warmer). I could not paddle beyond fallen trees on both ends so I walked a trail along side for a hundred yards or so. It was a beautiful place!


In addition to the yellow asters shown above there were Spider Lilies starting to bloom and lots of Rain Lilies on the forest floor. This last was new to me. I’m used to seeing them along the roadside after it rains.


Here’s part of the low-res map I used (upstream is down). The distance from the put-in to the “kink” near the bottom is about two miles. That’s where the rapids are (I think).