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Picture Rocks North and South

Here’s a nice parallel from man to nature and back again. The Incas worshiped mountains as deities. But directly visiting far away peaks was very difficult. So they used nearby rocks to stand in for the mountains. Here is one such “Picture Rock” from Machu Picchu… I recently took this photo of natural picture rocks […]

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip 2011

Just back from a challenging trip to the BWCA with my friend Ross.

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip 2008

I learned to canoe in Northern Minnesota and the BWCA. I recently returned for a five day trip with an old friend. We went to the extreme northeast corner along the Canadian border. The lakes in this area are mostly long and narrow, running west to east between steep hills. The water clarity was remarkable. […]

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip 2002

2002 BWCA Trip with My Siblings and Nephews