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Everglades (Sail) Kayak Trip 2017

Everglades time again! This year I went for five days/four nights with my sister Diana Pray from LA. We did a lazy double figure eight route around northeastern Whitewater Bay and the Gulf. [Gallery] With the exception of a few distant motorboats we were completely alone for four days, quite remarkable!   The wind was southerly […]

Summer 2016 Guttenberg Iowa

New Photos from my midsummer vacation in Northeastern Iowa… I hiked from the river to the bluff at Pikes Peak State Park. The photo above shows the Wisconsin River as it meets the Mississippi. This was a good year for birds! We were entertained by Cedar Waxwings flying back and forth hunting insects… White Pelicans were […]

Termessos Ruins, Turkey

Termessos was our first encounter with the ancient world of Turkey. Originally built by the Pisidians sometime before 500 BCE, the city is situated on a mountain pass more than 1000 meters above the coastal plain. Our guide told us they were raiders who periodically preyed upon the people below. In 333 BCE Alexander the Great surrounded Termessos but could not […]

Hammock Camping Improvements

I continue to improve my hammock camping experience. Last time out I was greeted by this little fellow in front of my campsite. (You can tell it’s a young gator by the yellow stripes.) Messing with the flashlight and phone camera did not seem to bother him. He stayed in the general area for a few […]

Santa Fe River Afternoon

I was itching to go kayaking somewhere new, so I headed over to the Santa Fe River. There was a little park and boat launch near the highway 47 bridge. While getting ready to go I spotted what looked like green leaves stuck on the sides of two trees. They turned out to be Luna […]

Song of the Broad-Winged Tree Cricket

One of the most relaxing sounds I’ve ever heard occurs late at night in the spring and summer, usually after the frogs settle down. After wondering about it for twenty years I finally know who’s singing… Broad-Winged Tree Crickets! [Oecanthus latipennis] Take a listen to this iPhone recording. They sing one continuous note for several seconds. […]

Cows in a Florida Field

On my way to work yesterday. Beautiful animals!

Gum Slough Kayak Trip

Nice little day trip off the Withlacoochee River near Inverness. Lots of recent downed trees midway. Lower portion nice, shady cypress swamp. Upper portion more open, nice trees, flowers, etc. I saw five Swallow-Tailed Kites lazily chasing each other. Took a swim in the head spring. There are actually several springs along the upper creek, big blue holes […]

Galapagos Islands 2013

We recently visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. After many hours of editing the first complete Gallery of Photos is ready. I will add to this post periodically. Here is my overview of selected highlights… We arrived about noon and proceeded to nearby Black Turtle Bay where we saw Sea Turtles, Sharks, and Golden Rays […]

Kayak Trip to Cedar Keys and Hall Creek

My colleague Carlos and I took a quick overnight trip to The Cedar Keys and the primitive campsite at Hall Creek. We put in at “Bridge #4” at low tide and paddled through some very shallow water for the first hour or so. Once out in the Gulf I had a chance to try out […]