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In Pursuit of Pitcher Plants 2017

We decided to take a week-end trip to the Panhandle to see if we could find Pitcher Plants. We were not disappointed! [Gallery] Here I am standing along Highway 65 in the Apalachicola National Forest…   Those are Trumpet-Leaf Pitcher Plants that grew and bloomed between pretty severe mowing and spraying (see below). Here’s a […]

Denver Colorado 2016

We are enjoying the fall colors in the Mile High City. Most of the flower photos in this gallery are from the Denver Botanic Gardens. The temperature is abnormally high due to the global warming “hoax” and the pollinators are still hard at work! Notice her little red tongue! More bees at work on this huge white […]

Summer 2016 Guttenberg Iowa

New Photos from my midsummer vacation in Northeastern Iowa… I hiked from the river to the bluff at Pikes Peak State Park. The photo above shows the Wisconsin River as it meets the Mississippi. This was a good year for birds! We were entertained by Cedar Waxwings flying back and forth hunting insects… White Pelicans were […]

Termessos Ruins, Turkey

Termessos was our first encounter with the ancient world of Turkey. Originally built by the Pisidians sometime before 500 BCE, the city is situated on a mountain pass more than 1000 meters above the coastal plain. Our guide told us they were raiders who periodically preyed upon the people below. In 333 BCE Alexander the Great surrounded Termessos but could not […]

Santa Fe River Afternoon

I was itching to go kayaking somewhere new, so I headed over to the Santa Fe River. There was a little park and boat launch near the highway 47 bridge. While getting ready to go I spotted what looked like green leaves stuck on the sides of two trees. They turned out to be Luna […]

Solo Everglades Kayak Trip 2015

My eighteenth trip and my first solo! I finally made my way around Cape Sable, and explored some new places along the way… [Gallery] I started out at Flamingo, where the marina is split in two by a dam. I put in on the north side and proceeded up the Buttonwood Canal to Coot Bay. From […]

Cellon Live Oak, Pitcher Plants and More!

Based on the splendid book Exploring Florida’s Botanical Wonders by Sandra Friend I set out this week-end in pursuit of Pitcher Plants and other botanical curiosities. [gallery] My first stop was the Cellon Live Oak in northern Alachua County. I was standing almost under the tree when I took this HDR shot. Notice the moss near the […]

Spring Roadside Flowers


Rock Brook and Pinnacle (Stowe, VT)

I had the opportunity to visit Stowe Vermont for a recent conference. We had our afternoons free and took mountain bikes along Rock Brook and hiked to The Pinnacle (both popular local attractions). I was able to take several HDR photos of the flowing water. We also saw several interesting plants along the way, including […]

Summer Roadside Flowers – Iowa

On a quick trip to Iowa I had a chance to take a few photos of roadside Day Lilies and Vetch (?) species, as well as a sampling for my Mother’s garden.