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Binge Watching Great Movies about Real Conspiracies that Affect Us All

I was on a short business trip recently and had a chance to view three new movies about real conspiracies that affect us all. This prompted me to go back and re-watch some documentaries from the recent past. Talk about dark night of the soul! Here are my brief reviews in no particular order… Spotlight I was […]

Let the Right One In by Tomas Alfredson

Let the Right One In Låt den rätte komma in Tomas Alfredson 2008 I’m not a big fan of vampire movies, but this one succeeds on several levels. The gore/supernatural bits help drive the plot, but are not the central focus. The story unfolds at a natural pace and the key dialog is almost languid. […]

A Christmas Story by Bob Clark

A Christmas Story Bob Clark 1983 My favorite holiday movie. Great portrayal of a the trials and tribulations of a young boy growing up in the Midwest. The main character’s obsession with getting a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas is one of the best portrayals of what it’s like to be a child that […]

Breach by Billy Ray

Breach Billy Ray 2007 A real spy story, well told. Probably the biggest intelligence breach in US history. Acting is superb.

The Grid by Mikael Salomon

The Grid Mikael Salomon 2004 This six part series is one of the best post-9/11 terrorism stories I’ve seen. Manages to include some subtle issues and humanize all sides. Update 2012: On re-watching this series I’m still impressed, however, the motivations of the head terrorist now seem very vague and diffuse.

The Bank Job by Roger Donaldson

The Bank Job Roger Donaldson 2008 Apparently based on a true story, it would be hard to make-up all the twists and turns and interconnections. This is a near perfect thriller!

The Orphanage by Juan Antonio Bayona

The Orphanage Juan Antonio Bayona 2008 A different kind of horror story, one that is less about gore and more about instilling dread in the viewer’s mind. Very effective! Obvious connections with the 2001 Devil’s Backbone.

Red Beard by Akira Kurosawa

  Red Beard Akahige Akira Kurosawa 1965 My all time favorite! Poignant, epic in scope—the best medical coming-of-age film I know of. The story of a medical intern working at a charity clinic in early nineteenth century Japan. The legendary Toshirō Mifune portrays his attending, the titular Red Beard. Also has a great “samurai doctor” scene. Not […]

A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick is less well known than other science fiction authors of his generation (Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein), but today he enjoys a growing reputation as his novels are adapted to the screen. Of these, A Scanner Darkly is the most recent, the most personal, and perhaps the most important. It is a semi-autobiographical story […]

Brazil by Terry Gilliam

Brazil Terry Gilliam 1998 The dystopian’s dystopia! Brazil is one of my all time favorites. It is the blackest of black comedies, a “knight in shining armor” fantasy, an absurdist allegory, and an existential rant (with a bit of Monty Python thrown in for good measure). What’s not to like?! Set in a world of grey […]