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Dead Sara – “Weatherman” (Live in Studio)

Best hard rock I’ve heard in years!

Vieux Farka Touré Performance

September 11, 2011
Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN

Strangely Beautiful Electro Latin Pop by Juana Molina

I recently stumbled on “Un Día” by Juana Molina at my local library. The strange cover art caught my eye, and after a bit of investigation with Google I conclude it is a real photo of the artist with a doll’s face superimposed. Clever! This is not just another latin pop album. Each track is […]

“Earth” by Imogen Heap

I’ve been a fan of Imogen Heap for several years. Her latest album Ellipse has one of my all time favorite songs—Earth. It describes how a frustrated [Mother] Earth deals with her rambunctious offspring, homo sapiens. These Legoland empires choking out mine/Now you’re everywhere, everywhere multiplying around me child/A strain on my heart/This rock can’t tolerate […]

Long Form Rock Classics – Caravan, Pink Floyd and The Rascals

Here are three obscure but most excellent rock “concerti” from the early 1970s. In addition to the jazz orchestra classics by Frank Zappa, I keep coming back to these three: Nine Feet Underground (sample but not a typical passage) from In the Land of Grey and Pink by Caravan — 9FU is a progressive rock masterpiece. It […]

Fraser & Debolt

Here’s a blast from my past! During college my friends and I discovered an obscure Canadian folk album called Fraser & DeBolt. It was quickly apparent that this music was like nothing we had ever heard before. It was stylisticly original, spontaneous, dissonent, and emotionally appealing on many levels. Released in 1971, it became one […]

Waka/Jawaka and The Grand Wazoo

In 1972 the musical prodigy Frank Zappa released two amazing records with two amazing title cuts. Both feature large ensembles with a big jazz band sound. This is some of the best jazz/rock fusion you’ll ever hear! Waka/Jawaka (listen) begins with an aggressive (triumphant!) brass anthem that still amazes me every time I listen to […]

Julia Belle Swain and John Hartford

While vacationing on the Mississippi River we noticed this small steam-powered riverboat called the Julia Belle Swain. That name seemed very familiar. Then I recalled a John Hartford song by the same name (from his 1976 album Mark Twang). Sure enough, this was the very boat he piloted and sang about! Mark Twain published his description of Life on the Mississippi in […]

The Cackle Sisters

I’ve always enjoyed yodeling, both alpine and the more bluesy American variety. So this public radio piece was a pleasant surprise. In spite of my interest I had never heard of this duo from Minnesota; they recorded only a handful of songs. Their performance of the lullaby Go To Sleep My Darling is a true gem, one of […]