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Hammock Camping Improvements

I continue to improve my hammock camping experience. Last time out I was greeted by this little fellow in front of my campsite. (You can tell it’s a young gator by the yellow stripes.) Messing with the flashlight and phone camera did not seem to bother him. He stayed in the general area for a few […]

Binge Watching Great Movies about Real Conspiracies that Affect Us All

I was on a short business trip recently and had a chance to view three new movies about real conspiracies that affect us all. This prompted me to go back and re-watch some documentaries from the recent past. Talk about dark night of the soul! Here are my brief reviews in no particular order… Spotlight I was […]

Experience with a Hammock Tent

I went out last night to get some experience pitching and sleeping in my new hammock tent. It came with no instructions and there is only limited info available online. I’m getting better using a bit more tension and added a small relieving line to the fly so it can hang along the side (keeping the netting […]

iPhone Panoramic Photography

I finally finished my Disquisition on this topic, see the full article or go directly to the gallery.

Lumix TS4 Waterproof Camera Review

Review I recently purchased this waterproof camera to take along on my kayak trip to the Everglades. It cost just under $300 online. The results so far are impressive, especially the high-res video. After a month I’ve become pretty familiar with its basic functions, but the PDF-only manual is thick and there are lots of […]

Kayak Sailing on Little Lake Santa Fe

Nice day for sailing! Wind was about 12 mph with some gusts, warm but not hot. I recently bought a 2010 used Hobie Adventure with the optional sail. It works amazingly well, especially considering how narrow the hull is! (The first day I took it out in heavier winds I turtled it. It was very […]

Idiot America by Charles Pierce

Idiot America How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free Charles Pierce (2009) This short confection of a book has a serious message… When “cranks” become mainstream and large segments of the population take them seriously, our entire society is at risk! He’s not against people with unconventional ideas, in fact he […]

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

A Confederacy of Dunces is one of my all time favorites! The story behind the book is almost as improbable… a first novel by a young unknown author who then commits suicide… a mother who refuses to give up after many rejections… a little help from an academic and the NEA… once published it takes […]

Sailing My Canoe for the First Time

And now for something completely different… sailing my canoe! I bought a kit which arrived yesterday. It adds a mast, lateen sail, stabilizers, side-boards, and a steering oar. The rig was very responsive in light airs; made forward progress with almost undetectable wind. Got a few 3mph “gusts”, which were enough to heel the boat. Overall, […]

Strangely Beautiful Electro Latin Pop by Juana Molina

I recently stumbled on “Un Día” by Juana Molina at my local library. The strange cover art caught my eye, and after a bit of investigation with Google I conclude it is a real photo of the artist with a doll’s face superimposed. Clever! This is not just another latin pop album. Each track is […]