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Awesome Virtual Pluto Flyover!

Hint: This is HD, view full screen!

Open a Window on Mars – You Must Try This!

The hyperbole is deserved! If you open this link on a phone or tablet with “position sense” you will open a 360 panoramic view from the Curiosity Rover. High res, completely in sync with how you move the device. iPad at arms length is almost like being there! This is brilliant!! Curiosity rover: Martian solar […]

Hubble Origins Deep Sky Survey

Another amazing photo to set your mind spinning over the scale of the universe. Every object in the photo above is an entire galaxy each of which contains billions of stars! To quote the site… The image shows a rich tapestry of 7,500 galaxies stretching back through most of the universe’s history. The closest galaxies […]

Giant Storm on Saturn

The Cassini probe recently spotted a giant storm on Saturn that encircles the entire planet! You can see it moving past itself in the photo above. NASA has also collected some of the best images in a Hall of Fame that is well worth checking out.

Fantastic Time Lapse Landscapes!

Three short impressions by Terje Sorgjerd…

Interactive Map of Mars – Much to Explore!

A team at Arizona State University has created a detailed map of the surface of Mars based on nearly 21,000 images taken by the Mars Odyssey orbiter. (Maps from other sources are also available.) To get the full experience, click on the “full window” icon at the lower right, click and drag to move, use the scroll wheel […]

Finding the Andromeda Galaxy (aka M31)

Here’s a bit of astronomical lore I picked up a few years ago. I learned the sky at summer camp; I have looked through numerous telescopes over the years; I even took an astronomy class in college—but no one ever pointed out the Andromeda Galaxy (the most distant and largest object we can see with […]

Cassini Mission to Saturn

Many new wonders on the Cassini Website starting with this new portrait of Saturn at Equinox. Notice that the ring shadow cast on the planet has diminished to a fine line. The tangential lighting brings out shadows of various moons and ring features. There are also amazing new movies of aurora and the hexagon at […]

Incredible Saturn Aurora Photo

This is an incredible Cassini photo showing two amazing phenomena. The blue areas are Saturn’s northern lights (aurora borealis, just like on Earth!). Underneath the blue there is a dark hexagon 15,000 miles in diameter. This is Saturn’s polar vortex (again, just like Earth, but six-sided instead of round.

Mars Rovers

Time for a Mars update! First, both peripatetic rovers are still going strong almost two years after they landed!! Opportunity is on the edge of Victoria Crater. Spirit is has been all over the Columbia Hills. It gets better! The new Mars Reconnaissance orbiter snapped a photo of Opportunity from space. The resolution is good enough to see […]