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Intro to Spherical Photography

I’ve always been fascinated by 360° spherical photographs (sometimes called “mirrorballs, planets or wormholes”). [Click to Enlarge] I bought a Ricoh Theta S with two 180° fisheye lenses pointing in opposite directions. The raw photographs are similar to equirectangular maps where the equator is “normal” and the poles are stretched. To prove this point I took a random map from the web and transformed […]

My Two Cents on Net Neutrality

Comment Sent to the FCC I strongly object to splitting the Internet into fast and slow lanes. The current near monopoly power of a handful of companies (Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, etc.) has led to our current situation (supply of bandwidth lagging well behind demand). We the people are already paying too much for too […]

Lucid, Engaging Explanation of Net Neutrality by Vi Hart

This is the best exposition I’ve seen of the recent about face by the FCC and what’s at stake if it should become reality. Major take home… ISPs Are Common Carriers! They should be regulated as such. She also answers the question why we in the US pay so much for so little? Directly out […]

Lumix TS4 Waterproof Camera Review

Review I recently purchased this waterproof camera to take along on my kayak trip to the Everglades. It cost just under $300 online. The results so far are impressive, especially the high-res video. After a month I’ve become pretty familiar with its basic functions, but the PDF-only manual is thick and there are lots of […]

How to Car Top a 16 Foot Kayak on a 15 Foot Prius

I recently acquired a kayak and have been experimenting with ways to carry it on the roof of my Prius. I’ve had lots of experience with canoes, which you can flip over on your shoulders (portage position) and place them on top of the car from that stance. With a sit-on-top kayak there’s no place […]

Kayak Sailing on Little Lake Santa Fe

Nice day for sailing! Wind was about 12 mph with some gusts, warm but not hot. I recently bought a 2010 used Hobie Adventure with the optional sail. It works amazingly well, especially considering how narrow the hull is! (The first day I took it out in heavier winds I turtled it. It was very […]

Open a Window on Mars – You Must Try This!

The hyperbole is deserved! If you open this link on a phone or tablet with “position sense” you will open a 360 panoramic view from the Curiosity Rover. High res, completely in sync with how you move the device. iPad at arms length is almost like being there! This is brilliant!! Curiosity rover: Martian solar […]

Beware of Online Filter Bubbles

A TED presentation by Eli Pariser. I knew that Chinese authorities exerted control over search results from Google and other search engines, but it turns out that ALL Google search results are being manipulated based on who and where you are! There are long-standing debates about whether society as a whole is losing perspective as media […]

Sailing My Canoe for the First Time

And now for something completely different… sailing my canoe! I bought a kit which arrived yesterday. It adds a mast, lateen sail, stabilizers, side-boards, and a steering oar. The rig was very responsive in light airs; made forward progress with almost undetectable wind. Got a few 3mph “gusts”, which were enough to heel the boat. Overall, […]

Human Capacity for Killing at a Distance

Anthropologist Steven Churchill from Duke University recently gave a fascinating lecture [listen] on the discovery of projectile weapons by early Homo sapiens and subsequent effects on large carnivores (extinction!) and human evolution. His basic premise is that sometime in the past 250,000 years humans discovered how to kill at a distance. This allowed us to […]