Everglades Wilderness Guide


My photo journal and guide to paddling and sailing in Everglades National Park.

2000 The Beginning

2001 "The Nightmare" and Beyond

2002 Southern Sojourn

2003 Travels with My Uncle

2004 The Complete Wilderness Waterway

2005 Adventures with My Father

2006 Islands, Rivers and Bays

2007 Challenging the Elements

2008 Wind, Fog and Mud

2008 Expedition to Gopher Key

2009 Brothers Around Whitewater Bay

2010 Wood River and Beyond

2011 Riding the Wind! (sail canoe)

2012 Wind and Birds (sail canoe)

2013 Return to Gopher Key (pedal/sail kayaks)

2014 Long Day's Journey into Night (pedal/sail kayaks)

2014 Travels with My Cousins (pedal kayaks)

2015 A Boy and His Boat (solo kayak)

2015 Christmas Trip (pedal kayaks)

2016 Wind, Rain and Waves (pedal/sail kayaks)

2017 Brother & Sister Explore Southern Rivers

My Review of Kayak Sailing

Seven Minute Video of Kayaking and Sailing in the Everglades

How to Car Top a 16 Foot Kayak on a 15 Foot Prius