Oyster Bay to South Joe River

In the morning we were greeted by a mother dolphin and her calf. They seemed to parallel our course for several hours.

Again the wind was at our back and we made our way down the bay at a leisurely pace. We had a rest break and ate lunch on the Joe River Chickee. It clouded up as we left and we got rained on later that afternoon, nothing severe or prolonged.

We made the South Joe Chickee and found a note from our shadow party telling us they had gone back early to avoid the weather. A ranger in a powerboat came out to check on us and to tell us there might be an extra canoe party on the chickee that night. That party never came, but a group of fishermen in powerboats showed up just at dusk to camp illegally.

The sky cleared at the end of the day and the sunset was again spectacular. I took several mirror reflection photos. Dinner was fried Spam on flat bread. We got to bed late, after our visitors finally settled down. Continued...