Roadside Flowers Project

Slow Down and Look…

I’ve been an active photographer since high school. Since the late 1990s I’ve been capturing flowers I encounter on my travels. These are often ignorable and ignored… until you slow down and actually take a look! Even common “weeds” can be spectacular when viewed in the right context. These pages are my ad hoc primer on flower photography—the world seen through one photographer’s eye.

My aesthetic includes keeping things simple and working within self-imposed constraints. To that end I carry a small digital camera with me most of the time (inspired by the great photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson). I started with a fixed focal length “clamshell” model from Olympus, then switched to a Canon “Elph” S200. In 2007 I upgraded this to an SD800 with image stabilization and a 28mm equivalent wide-angle. That camera stays in my bag for spontaneous encounters. When I’m in a more serious mode I also use a Canon G10 and Lumix GX1. [Topic list below is under construction…]


  1. Basic Composition and the Rule of Thirds
  2. Micro/Macro – Putting Flowers in Context
  3. Color Saturation – Use Your Body to Provide Some Shade