[Expletive Deleted] Daylight Savings Time Again

Time for my biannual rant about DST. This time I’ll highlight the excellent essay Daylight Saving Time Is Terrible by Allison Schrager from The Atlantic. Her scheme basically collapses the four US time zones into two, with NO adjustment for Daylight Saving. (Yea!) For me the the spring change is worse. It takes me more than a … Continue reading “[Expletive Deleted] Daylight Savings Time Again”

More Evidence Against Daylight Saving Time

Nice summary in the WSJ of recent research on the purported  energy savings from DST. The government sponsored study suggested savings, but there was no control, no way to eliminate other possible causes. One of the participating experts concludes… We don’t know how the U.S. would have behaved without the daylight saving time extension. — Hendrik Wolff (Commenting … Continue reading “More Evidence Against Daylight Saving Time”

Daylight Saving Time Nonsense Again!

It’s that time of the year! Spring is always worse than the fall because we all lose an hour of sleep… Poof!… It’s just gone. When will the insanity end?! Here are a view nuggets I discovered today… Proposed Florida “Sunshine Protection Act” (HB 701, SB 74) If this bill became law, the Florida would remain on … Continue reading “Daylight Saving Time Nonsense Again!”