Trump v Moby-Dick

I’ve become a real fan of @MobyDickatSea, a bot-based feed of random quotes from the book. It’s amazing how well some of these fragments stand up as individual thoughts!

After the inauguration of @realDonaldTrump I noticed a pattern… random juxtaposition of quotes that seemed to provide commentary on the man and his policies. Some of these are remarkably good and presented below for your entertainment. They are also a testament to how similar our new prez is to the doomed Captain Ahab!

I’ll be updating this post and tweeting to @Richard_Rathe hashtag #TrumpvMobyDick over the next few weeks. The source tweets obviously belong to others. I include them for satire and commentary.

Fall Birds at Sweetwater Wetlands

Checked out #SweetwaterWetlandsPark last week and things were pretty quiet. Not many migrants, but great viewing of several residents, including this Purple Gallinule!

Two Semi-Tame Limpkins were there to act as greeters on the boardwalk (as usual). This one was particularly vocal!

Bird yoga…

Here are two of the cutest migrants you’d ever want to see, the little Pied-Billed Grebe

…and the Eastern Phoebe

Finally, a perennial favorite, the Anhinga!