Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang


Fritz Lang


Silent with Musical Score

The scifi film from which all others spring! Recent restoration (by Kino) is very good, with recovered footage and original musical score. Worth watching again if all you’ve seen are the inferior low-budget prints. In spite of its age, this film has one of the best robots ever depicted on film!

Everglades 2004 – The Complete Wilderness Waterway

This was the big one — the complete Wilderness Waterway from Flamingo to Everglades City. Of course we avoided the actual marked “trail” as much as possible. This was a real paddler’s trip. The trail is nominally 99 miles; I estimate we traveled more than 120 total. We went out to the Gulf twice and “boomeranged” back up the Harney and Broad Rivers with the tide. We also took a side trip down to Gopher Key and saw lots of birds there, including a Roseate Spoonbill. We saw dolphins fishing in the shallows. We also encountered manatees twice. The last night we returned to the Gulf and camped on Pavilion Key.