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How to Car Top a 16 Foot Kayak on a 15 Foot Prius

I recently acquired a kayak and have been experimenting with ways to carry it on the roof of my Prius. I’ve had lots of experience with canoes, which you can flip over on your shoulders (portage position) and place them on top of the car from that stance. With a sit-on-top kayak there’s no place […]

Eagles in My Backyard!

I observed this pair of Bald Eagles at dawn while kayaking. Apparently they followed me home because about an hour later I heard them calling close by. Check out the talons in the second picture below—top predator this!

Kayak Sailing on Little Lake Santa Fe

Nice day for sailing! Wind was about 12 mph with some gusts, warm but not hot. I recently bought a 2010 used Hobie Adventure with the optional sail. It works amazingly well, especially considering how narrow the hull is! (The first day I took it out in heavier winds I turtled it. It was very […]

Kayak Trip to Cedar Keys and Hall Creek

My colleague Carlos and I took a quick overnight trip to The Cedar Keys and the primitive campsite at Hall Creek. We put in at “Bridge #4” at low tide and paddled through some very shallow water for the first hour or so. Once out in the Gulf I had a chance to try out […]

Idiot America by Charles Pierce

Idiot America How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free Charles Pierce (2009) This short confection of a book has a serious message… When “cranks” become mainstream and large segments of the population take them seriously, our entire society is at risk! He’s not against people with unconventional ideas, in fact he […]

Open a Window on Mars – You Must Try This!

The hyperbole is deserved! If you open this link on a phone or tablet with “position sense” you will open a 360 panoramic view from the Curiosity Rover. High res, completely in sync with how you move the device. iPad at arms length is almost like being there! This is brilliant!! Curiosity rover: Martian solar […]

Atul Gawande “How do we heal medicine?”

Cowboys vs Pit Crews Key facts from his recent TED talk… Modern doctors have 4000 procedures and 6000 medications at their disposal In 1970 it took 2 FTEs to care for a patient in the hospital In 2001 it took 15 FTEs to care for the same patient Checklists and mandatory pauses help decrease mistakes “We […]

Luna Moth by the Lake

I found this pretty visitor clinging to shoreline foliage this afternoon. She looked pretty spent but might of just been resting before a moonlit sojourn yet to come. Luna Moths (Actias luna) live only to mate, lay eggs and die. They can’t even eat or drink since they don’t have mouths! See my 2010 post for additional […]

Timezone Solution for mySQL

I am new to SQL languages and I recently spent about two hours trying to bring some order to timestamps in my PTM project. It was obvious that I should store universal UTC/GMT date/times in the database. It was not so clear how to convert these back to local time. Examples I found on the […]

Great Egret Struttin’ His Stuff