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Everglades (Sail) Kayak Trip 2017

Everglades time again! This year I went for five days/four nights with my sister Diana Pray from LA. We did a lazy double figure eight route around northeastern Whitewater Bay and the Gulf. [Gallery] With the exception of a few distant motorboats we were completely alone for four days, quite remarkable!   The wind was southerly […]

Everglades Sail Kayak Trip 2016

This was my twentieth trip (!) to the Everglades and as always it was eventful. I was accompanied by my Brother Mark from Sacramento. We headed out on a beautiful day but storm warnings were on the horizon. [Gallery] This map shows our planned four night route and what actually happened! The third day it rained several […]

Everglades Kayak Trip December 2015

Took a short trip, first ever in December. No winter yet, temp in the 80s and therefore lots of bugs. <frown> Half this Photo Gallery is from a day trip on the upper Turner River, which was new territory for me… Our route was Halfway Creek to Crooked Creek Chickee to Watson Place to Jewel Key and out. We saw lots […]

Solo Everglades Kayak Trip 2015

My eighteenth trip and my first solo! I finally made my way around Cape Sable, and explored some new places along the way… [Gallery] I started out at Flamingo, where the marina is split in two by a dam. I put in on the north side and proceeded up the Buttonwood Canal to Coot Bay. From […]

Everglades Sail Kayak Trip 2014

There were many firsts on this trip: First time we drove all the way from North Florida to Flamingo and started the trip in one day. First time we’ve spent a significant amount of time traveling at night. First time we got lost. First time we sailed on Whitewater Bay. First time we declared a weather emergency and […]

Everglades Pedal Kayak Trip 2014

After exploring the southern park the week before, I took a second trip in the north part with two of my cousins, Ann and Paige. [gallery] We had two pedal kayaks and a rented sit-inside model. Our first day was literally “a breeze” with a warm sun and cool tailwind. We stopped to explore Sandfly Island and […]

Everglades (Sail) Kayak Trip 2013

Just back from the Everglades with highlights too numerous to relate them all here. For a start I think we’ve hit on the perfect mode of transportation—pedal kayaks with sails! The only downside compared with a canoe is getting on/off the chickees. In every other respect they were superior to canoes and even other types […]

Everglades (Sail) Canoe Trip 2011

Another great trip this year with a new wrinkle… a Sail! We did a three day loop starting with Picnic Key, then Rabbit Key and up the Lopez River to Sunday Bay. [photo gallery] On the last day we explored the mangrove tunnels of Half-Way Creek as an alternative to the slog along the Chokoloskee […]

Everglades T-Shirt Design

To commemorate eleven years of Everglades adventures, I had special t-shirts made… The design is based on rock art I saw in Sweden with a boat (lower right) that looks suspiciously like a gator…

Everglades Canoe Trip 2010

Back to the Everglades for an eight day expedition with my friend Al Borchers [photo gallery]. This year we decided to attempt some more difficult routes, starting with a long paddle to North River Chickee on the first day. It was quickly apparent that the “great freeze of 2010” had occurred the week before—there were […]