Fall Birds at Sweetwater Wetlands

Checked out #SweetwaterWetlandsPark last week and things were pretty quiet. Not many migrants, but great viewing of several residents, including this Purple Gallinule!

Two Semi-Tame Limpkins were there to act as greeters on the boardwalk (as usual). This one was particularly vocal!

Bird yoga…

Here are two of the cutest migrants you’d ever want to see, the little Pied-Billed Grebe

…and the Eastern Phoebe

Finally, a perennial favorite, the Anhinga!

Garden of the Gods

I had the opportunity to travel through Southern Illinois on my way back from Iowa in June. I stopped for the night at The Garden of the Gods. [Gallery]

It was late afternoon and I had just enough time to walk and photograph the major trail while the sun was setting. I took several nice photos including this HDR Panorama. [Click to Enlarge]

As the day ended I heard pleasant bird song, followed it, and discovered the source was this beautiful Indigo Bunting.

I slept comfortably in my hammock and the next morning the same bird (?) was singing in a nearby tree! (I saw this species a half dozen times this trip—more than my entire life prior!) I had a chance to observe this bird long enough to notice he was very systematic with his song. He would belt out a few bars, then turn 90° and sing some more, repeat, repeat, new perch, repeat, repeat…

The next morning I got up early and crossed the Ohio River on a little car ferry.